Between the Lines: Confessions of a Rock Star

Between the Lines: Confessions of a Rock Star

Legendary musician, songwriter, producer, TV and radio presenter Rick Wakeman is attached to both present and produce.

Aside from his vast career within the music industry, Rick’s appeared in over 100 TV series / documentaries, and presented documentaries such as BBC Four’s 'When Pop Went Epic: The Crazy World of the Concept Album' and 'Tales from the Tour Bus: Rock 'n' Roll on the Road'.



A musicology series set to uncover the secrets behind some of the greatest acts in music history. Known for his decades in the music industry and high-profile collaborations, Rick Wakeman curates a conversation between friends - unfolding like a true meeting of creative minds. Nothing is off-limits for Wakeman and his mates, as they offer insights about music history, methodology, evolution, collaboration and the creative process. The result will be a highly entertaining, intelligent and audacious banter that an audience of their music fans will adore.

'Between The Lines' will also feature spontaneous live performances with guests, resulting in unusual collaborations between artists who wouldn’t typically share the stage.

A cinéma vérité and 'talk show' format, provides collaboration opportunities for both the artists and fans. Fans will also have the opportunity to submit questions and participate in the interview process. In addition to delivering compelling, intimate high-quality interviews, the live performance segments will be filmed in cutting-edge 360 Virtual Reality (VR). This interactive component will be utilised as a cross-platform, value-added feature, which broadens our audience base, as well as bringing the ultimate concert experience to music lovers right to their own living room. This experimental approach to the more traditional documentary film format will also create opportunities for further revenue, demonstrating we're at the forefront of content innovation.



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